Where does it begin?

Entrepreneurship begins from us as kids and how our minds are shaped. The social element is, in a way, our value system. Both are are highly influenced by our schools.

So, are schools fostering one of the key element of social entrepreneurship?

Perhaps education needs to be a social enterprise – not a top down government driven initiative process.

I found this article interesting for our next project on education. What are your thoughts?

Can Any School Foster Pure Creativity?

Because schools must work with large numbers of students, they’re perpetually bound by the limitations of bureaucratic efficiency. Discipline, order, and obedience must be maintained, and while the degree of enforcement varies among schools, this level of order defines the institution. Curricula may have dramatically changed since the inception of compulsory schooling, but the autocratic design remains unchanged.

Because of the emphasis on maintaining order in a compulsory school environment, teachers are compelled to adopt policies that adhere to the rigid requirements of the institution. And in turn, students who embrace conformity and deference to authority are better-suited in these environments. For teachers to engage with an entire classroom of students, everyone must be acquiescent. The inevitable outcome, as studies consistently show, is a widespread aversion to traits associated with creativity in the public school environment.


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